Let our team help you collect what is owed to you in a timely manner so you can move on.Maximize on your collections case

At Rosenberg, Whewell, & Hite, LLC, we effectively utilize the full power of the Connecticut Court System, along with State Marshalls, to collect money for our clients. We expertly negotiate with those who owe you money to obtain the maximum amount available. When it is clear that you are being given “the runaround”, we find your debtor’s bank accounts, their paycheck and their property and we execute upon them. At Rosenberg, Whewell, & Hite, LLC we win your collections case and we follow through. If we enter into a settlement agreement, and still do not receive payment, judgment enters and we immediately proceed with post-judgment enforcement.

We are flexible and honest

We offer contingent fees, hourly fees, and flat rates depending on your preference. We will honestly assess your case and offer you the direction to move forward. Not all cases can be collected upon or won. Allow us to use our years of experience and knowledge in this field to assist you in determining the right path to provide you, our client, with a satisfactory result.