Why does the Millennial Generation feel like they are so entitled to things?

Honestly, how many times have you heard that in the last year about the Millennial Generation?! In reality, most of us are part of this generation and we don’t even realize it.

The Millennial Generation includes all born from 1982-2002, the twenty years where so much has happened. Think about it, this generation has had multiple life-changing developments; Gulf War, the World Wide Web, reality TV, September 11, same-sex marriages, Hurricane Katrina, and The Recession just to name a few. Growing up in times like we have had in the last 20-30 years and making it through would probably give me a sense of entitlement too.

Why has this sense of entitlement become such a negative connotation?

Most people would answer that question with:

  1. “They want too much money”
  2. “They want comfy desk jobs and 9-5’s”
  3. “They think they are smarter than everyone else!”

Let me tell you why that is. Millennials who decide to go to college are leaving with an education in hand, but they are also leaving with a hefty loan bill. With the desperation to pay for college, students and parents sign contracts that not only give them large interest rates but also harshly affect their credit scores.

Millennials are being forced to go into a competitive job market with a lot of weight on their shoulders. Millennials need to make more because they owe more. Millennials need to work 9-5 because they will have to take on another job to pay the loans.  However, Millennials have a few things up their sleeves; inheritances, internet and savvy parents who have learned mistakes and teach their children how to not make them.

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