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Spoiler Alert: YES!!!

In driving schools all across America, students are taught that drinking and driving is an indefensible crime with harsh consequences. So why spend money retaining an attorney for a DUI/DWI if you are going to lose anyway?

Although the acts of driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI) are not very excusable, the ways in which evidence against the alleged driver is collected and how that driver was arrested can be very questionable. This is true even if a blood alcohol test was performed.

Some of the possible DUI Defense options we will examine for these types of alleged charges include:

  • challenging the arresting officer’s probable cause for the arrest
  • examining if there was a flaw in the Miranda warning given to the alleged
  • the officer did not advise you of consequences that may arise from refusing a chemical test
  • and the list goes on and on…

An attorney experienced in this area of law will know all of the possible approaches and will have the time and resources to diligently explore each option, unlike an overworked public defender of the state.

How long can you wait to retain an attorney?

The sooner you retain an attorney for a matter like this the better off you most likely will be. If you happen to be further along in the process and are not completely satisfied with your current legal representation, it is never too late to at least meet with another team and hear what they have to say.

We can help you

Need help with a matter like this? Contact our criminal defense attorney, Attorney William J. Whewell, who has extensive experience with these types of charges, by calling 203.870.6700 today to hear how he can help you!

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