The police have rules to follow too, so let us help!Don’t do it alone!

When you take a drink and operate a motor vehicle, you face getting yourself involved with the wrong side of the law that has real consequences with real punishment. What you might need is a DUI Defense team. The United States Supreme Court and Connecticut Drunk Driving Laws allow you to be pulled over if a police officer has a “reasonable articulable suspicion” that you are committing a crime. These drunk driving situations can rise to violations of the DMV, State, and Boating Laws.

Our legal staff at Rosenberg & Hite, LLC has knowledge in the complex area of DUI Defense. Our team can handle all areas of DUI Defense including license suspension, Connecticut Statutes, implied consent, expungements, appeal cases, operating a vehicle, boating safety, and driving/boating while intoxicated. The law is complex because it contains elements of law, biology, chemistry, and operation of the breath machine.

Do not gamble with the severe consequences of the violations of these laws, contact our office today.