shoe-1519804_640                For those who are tenants, did you know there are Connecticut laws protecting you and your health from mistreatment from your landlord. Laws in Connecticut require a landlord to maintain the safety of your home protecting you from landlord negligence. By negligence, I mean knowingly not fixing a mold, gas, or radon problem, failing to fix a roof or pipes, and not maintaining a structurally sound balcony to name a few. By law, it is the responsibility of a landlord to provide a safe living space for a tenant.

If you are a tenant who feels they are being damaged by landlord negligence, your next step would be to prove that your landlord is unable to maintain the safety of your home by law. Provide an attorney with evidence or hire an expert in a specific field to prove your home is unsafe. For example, if you are suffering health problems from mold in your apartment, hire an expert in mold to test the mold to confirm your health is suffering from a landlord’s inability to fix the mold problem.

Next to hiring an attorney, your next best step would be to write a letter to your landlord notifying them of your issue. As we would say in the legal field, “If it’s not in writing it didn’t happen”, so if your landlord fails to acknowledge your certified letter then you may have standing to litigate against them.

-CJ Cargnel, Legal Clerk


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