clownIf you watch the news, read the newspaper or even use social media I’m sure you have read not one but plenty of articles of clowns being spotted, scaring children and some even threatening. Is this a prank? Are they copy-cat serial killers? or is this just advertisement for the fans of the new CLOWN movie. Which btw freakishly I’ve been dying to go see! If you are one of these clowns (Clown: /kloun/ noun- a comic entertainer, especially one in a circus, wearing a traditional costume and exaggerated makeup) have you thought about the consequences of this action? Well let’s just start by the dangerous side. People have that natural fright against clowns all from when they were kids. Who really likes clowns? You go to kid’s parties and there’s always at least one kid you have already scared to death just by your presence and “party clowns” are the nice clowns. Not the ones that are running lose in the forest with weapons, threatening or even just being a fool for comedy. The effects this had on parents, let’s just say if you are a clown being “funny” in front of my child, just know it won’t be pretty. Schools have upped their security and even have police during and after hours. Some schools have cancelled classes or been on complete lockdown. All this commotion, are you really out there to hurt people? Why lure kids with candy? Legal consequences are also what you need to be thinking about. Threatening, kidnapping and trespassing, assault, those are just a few to name. There are endless amounts of things you will get charged with if you get caught. When you are charged with any of the above you can be in a very serious situation. I would advise you to get a very good criminal defense attorney, possible even have him on speed dial. Fines, time in jail, restraining orders, and a very bad record are what your future have in store. Police and neighborhood watches will do anything to keep the people safe. Best advice would be pick a different Halloween costume. For your safety and safety of others.


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