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Civil Litigation is a type of lawsuit that can be undertaken by individuals or a company seeking to reclaim what is owed to them. Our legal staff at Rosenberg & Hite, LLC has extensive experience in most types of Civil Litigation, as well as Civil Appeals. Our experienced litigators represent our client’s interests avidly at every step of your case.

Our firm handles matters concerning business litigation, personal injury, workers’ compensation, insurance claims, estate litigation, uninsured and underinsured motorist claims, contract law litigation, consumer affairs, credit reports, debts, bankruptcy, Social Security and other governmental benefits. More examples of Civil Litigation lawsuits can also include a collection of debts, enforcement of written and oral contracts, and collection of unpaid judgments.

Civil Litigators must master a variety of procedures and skills, such as discovery processes and advocacy techniques, which are used no matter what law forms the core of the dispute that is being litigated.

In these types of cases, it typically falls on the plaintiff to present the burden of proof. However, there are a number of cases that exist in which the burden may shift to the defendant. For example, when the plaintiff has made a prima facie case, the burden shifts to the defendant to refute or rebut the plaintiff’s evidence.

Our lawyers are familiar with the issues that both individuals and companies face. We maintain extensive materials relevant to all of our client’s industries. We attend seminars on topics of interest to our clients and are up to date on all industry issues. We have made it our priority to study the business of our clients so that we are able to handle any of your Litigation needs. To find out if you have an eligible Civil Litigation Lawsuit, contact our office, with confidence, today.