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As a client of Rosenberg & Hite, LLC, you become a member of the family and your case is treated with the care and personal touch that it needs. We care about you, and we care about the effects your case has on your family and on your life.

You will be treated with the respect you deserve.  We work diligently and tirelessly to fight for your rights in your matter and to always approach each situation with a fresh and effective approach.

See some of our successful case results below*. Our team of attorneys will have their case results displayed soon!

Attorney Max L. Rosenberg

Attorney Max L. Rosenberg

Case Results

Defamation – $150,000
Property Damage – $100,000
Fair Credit Reporting Act – $40,000
Fair Debt Collection Practices Act – $6,500

Attorney Christopher Hite

Attorney Christopher Hite Workers Comp

Case Results

Plumber Sustained a Severe Leg Injury – $320,000
Plumber who suffered a severe crush injury to his lower leg
Commercial Driver Sustained 4 Injuries – $270,000
Commercial driver sustained lumbar spine, cervical spine, right ankle and left ankle injuries on three separate dates of injury
Delivery Driver Sustained a Lower Back Injury – $225,000
Delivery driver who suffered a lower back injury
Office Worker Sustained Spine Injury – $165,000
Office worker slips on bathroom floor and injuries cervical spine and lumbar spine
Medical Professional Injured Back – $160,000
Medical professional suffered an injury to her lumbar spine assisting a patient
School Teacher Sustained 3 Injuries – $150,000
School teacher falls on ice on path and injures lumbar spine, knee, and shoulder
Landscaper Sustained 3 Injuries – $150,000
Landscaper injured his neck, right shoulder and left elbow falling off an icy roof performing snow removal
Manufacturing Worker Sustained a Lower Back Injury – $127,000
Worker at a manufacturing plant who suffered a lower back injury
Public Works Employee Injured Back – $122,000
Municipal public works employee who injured his lumbar spine while lifting a heavy object
Counselor Sustained Spine Injury – $97,000
Counselor fell on a slippery floor while attempting to assist coworker with a client and sustained lumbar spine injuries
Driver Sustained Spine Injury – $100,000
Driver t-boned by a drunk driver in the early morning suffered lumbar spine injuries
Housekeeper Injured Rotator Cuff – $81,000
Professional housekeeper who tore her rotator cuff while ironing shirts
Healthcare Worker Injured Back – $79,000
Healthcare worker who suffered an injury to her lumbar spine assisting a client
Waste Remover Injured Back – $75,000
Waste removal employee who injured his lumbar spine lifting trash cans
Nurse Injured Both Shoulders – $62,000
Indemnity benefits only (medical still open) for a nurse who injured both shoulders restraining a patient
Truck Loader Injured Knee – $50,000
Worker who injured his right knee unloading pallets from a truck
Nurse Injured Both Hips – $50,000
Nurse who sustained a fall and injured both hips

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* All settlements listed represent actual outcomes achieved for clients. However, they are listed for informational purposes and do not represent any guarantees or warranties regarding case outcomes for representation. Each case is unique and no past results achieved are indicative of future results or outcomes.*