Common Interest Ownership Act.Common Interest Ownership Act

Common Interest Ownership Act is a Connecticut General Statute that governs all Condominiums and Cooperative Associations. Otherwise known as CIOA, this statute protects the unit owners and guides the board of directors on how the associations must be governed.

Board Members of Common Interest Associations have a strict fiduciary duty to ensure that the by-laws and rules and regulations are properly enforced and to ensure that the daily needs of the association are met. Rosenberg & Hite, LLC has represented Condominiums and Coops throughout the State of Connecticut from small 10-unit associations to large 974-unit cooperatives. It is the goal of our attorneys to advise the Association’s Board of Directors on properly, fairly, and equitably fulfilling their role and protecting the unit owner’s investment.

Rosenberg & Hite, LLC has extensive experience representing Boards of Directors in navigating this complex. Our representation includes, but is not limited to:

  • Draft, review, and amend governing documents (including bi-laws, declarations, amendments, and rules and regulations)
  • Conduct board, member, and special meetings
  • Supervise elections of new board members
  • Review and negotiate contracts for services
  • Union Negotiation
  • Annual Report filing with State of Connecticut
  • Act as Registered Agent for the Association
  • Conduct Litigation including:
    • Unit owner violation issues
    • Housing discrimination complaints
    • Environmental issues
    • Building code violations
    • Real Estate Tax appeals
    • Collection of delinquent accounts
    • Foreclosure actions and defense
    • Contract disputes
    • Discrimination complaints