Let a legal expert work now to prevent problems for your family later.At Rosenberg & Hite, LLC, we consider proper Estate Planning is a vital element to a person’s financial plan. A properly designed estate plan will provide substantial estate tax savings while also achieving important planning goals for the client, as well as his or her family and/or business. The attorneys and professionals at our firm will work to understand your personal goals and create a plan designed to save you money and reduce your overall tax exposure.

Our firm’s experience in Elder Law matters when dealing with long-term care issues. We assist you and your family in controlling your financial affairs. We also advise senior clients in protecting their assets, health care financing, Medicare and Medicaid (Title XIX), nursing home issues, and alternative housing ideas. We handle Medicaid / Title XIX applications as well as administrative appeals.

Our firm represents people in all portions of administration in Probate Court matters, as well as contested matters in Probate and State Courts. The sources of the law of estates and trusts are ancient and ever-changing. Our firm’s main goal is to keep up to date with current legislation so we can work with executors, administrators, individual & institutional trustees, conservators, and guardians in utilizing our legal expertise to attain a proper solution to your case.