Having help on your side can protect your interests in your real estate transaction.Congratulations new homeowner!

You have found your future home or investment. As the buyer, you have taken the first step in becoming a home owners and we would like to help you finalize your transaction as smoothly as possible. The first step to any transaction is to understand the steps you will go through.

Steps for buyer

Here are some of the steps you will be going through to complete your transaction:

  1. Submit your offer and binder
  2. Negotiate and execute a contract
  3. Conduct inspections and negotiate any issues found
  4. Work with a lender to qualify and finalize your mortgage
  5. Schedule a walk-thru and attend your closing

Steps for your attorney

You can expect your attorney to:

  1. Review your binder and contract.
  2. Negotiate your inspection issues (Your realtor may also negotiate if you prefer)
  3. Work with your lender to complete title search, title commitment, and review all closing disclosures.
  4. Prepare closing statements, make appropriate adjustments for taxes, sewer, oil, water, and/or propane. Your attorney will also create and issue your title policy.
  5. Review all closing documents and represent you at the closing table.
  6. Post closing your attorney will record your documentation in land records and follow up with your lender to ensure everything is properly executed and returned to lender to comply with closing instructions and banking laws.


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