Having a legal expert navigate your transaction could save you money and will provide confidence.We can help you sell your home

The seller can go through emotional turmoil and stress while trying to sell his/her home. Your choice of attorney can make a huge difference in your experience during this stressful time. Part of staying in control is understanding the process you will be going through.

Steps for seller

Here are some of the steps that you should expect during the closing process:

  1. Receiving and Accepting an offer with a binder.
  2. Allowing access to your home for inspections to be conducted. This can take multiple hours and you should plan accordingly.
  3. Renegotiation based on inspection results.
  4. Entering into a contract.
  5. Packing and preparing the home for your move as the buyers work towards obtaining their mortgage.
  6. Home should be in broom swept clean condition.
  7. Conducting the closing and turning over all keys, garage door openers, and codes.

Steps for your attorney

You should expect your attorney to:

  1. Review the binder and contract.
  2. Negotiate your inspection adjustments (your realtor may also do this).
  3. Receive your buyers title search and reviewing it to ensure clear title. Your attorney will work to clear up any blemishes on title.
  4. Obtain payoffs for your mortgage, liens, and final water bill.
  5. Calculate all adjustments for closing and draft your closing statements.
  6. Prepare your deed and other closing documents.
  7. Conduct your closings.
  8. Post closing, your attorney will continue to monitor your loan payoff to ensure that a release is recorded.

Additional responsibilities for the seller

It will be your responsibility to:

  1. Maintain the home in the same condition as at the time of contract. This is especially important in the freezing temperatures. You will need to maintain lawn care until closing to avoid violating light ordinances.
  2. Cancel all non-utility services.
  3. Notify the electric company of the move and obtain a final bill.


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