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Harassed by creditors after Bankruptcy

Question: What should I do if I am being harassed by creditors after receiving a Chapter 7 discharge? Answer: If you are being harassed by creditors or debt collectors schedule on your bankruptcy petition, you have an actionable claim against them for damages. In Connecticut, we have the CCCPA which protects you from the unscrupulous…


New Attorney at Rosenberg & Press

Meet William Whewell the newest addition to the Rosenberg & Press Family! William J. Whewell represents clients in many different aspects of civil litigation.  He focuses his practice on Labor/Employment Law, Landlord/Tenant Law, Education Law, Family/Custody Law, Probate Law, Real Estate and Constitutional/Civil Rights. Attorney Whewell is a graduate of Quinnipiac University, where he received…


Beware of Payday Loans

Q: Are payday loans dischargeable in bankruptcy? A: Yes, you can list a payday loan on your bankruptcy schedules, however you should realize that it will have little to no effect. Payday loans by their very nature are illegal. Filing bankruptcy to remove payday loans is like asking your mugger to put his gun away…


Do Not Enter Into Co-Signing Lightly

I co-signed a car loan for a friend. The friend then moved out of CT with the car. I have no access to it and the friend cannot make the payments. Can I have my name taken off as co-signer because the car is out of state and I cannot use it? This is a…