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Summer is coming to an end. Whether you are a student going back to school, or just being an adult and you know… summer has just gone by and you worked. It happens to the best of us. Nowadays we don’t even have time to sit and watch the news at home. Our news comes from Facebook, Twitter and just about anything our friends dare to share. We stay home, have a couple glasses of wine. You do not even realize the things going on in the world anymore. Have you sat and actually payed attention to the glass of wine your drinking? If you live in Connecticut, chances are that you paid at least 25% more then surrounding states. Yes!, It’s true state liquor laws have a price minimum for wine and spirits which local and wholesale retailers stores have to abide. This is not only bad for the customer that pays more, it is also bad business for the stores selling the liquor as they lose out on the customers who will take a longer trip for a cheaper price. This is just a little food for thought. On Tuesday a discount store took action in suing the state regarding these laws. What is your thought on this? Do you think the state will change these laws? The effect on taxes if the pricing changes? Feel free to ask away.


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