This past summer there has been an influx of phone calls from individuals claiming to be the IRS. There are at least five red flags that you must pay attention to when, and if, you receive a phone call by these con artists. 1. The scammers will call and ask for immediate payment. You must note that the IRS will send you a letter by mail and will not call you regarding your tax situation. 2. The IRS will always give you an opportunity to question and appeal the amount owed, while the scammers ask for the money without offering any opportunities to question your case. 3. The scammers will want you to use a specific form of payment such as a prepaid debit card.  Meanwhile, the IRS will offer multiple payment options. 4. The scammer will ask for your credit/debit card number over the phone, whereas the IRS will not give you that option. 5. The scammers will threaten you if you do not pay by calling your local police department to arrest you if the payment is not immediate.  As you can imagine, the IRS would not make such threats over the phone. As you can see there is a huge difference from the scammers and the IRS and be sure to use these helpful tips in deciphering the differences.

Some of these scammers have been caught, but others are still out there trying to separate you from your hard earned money.


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