silloughette-people-lineThis question is on everyone’s mind when they have to go to court. Whether you plan to appear before a judge, a hearing for a felony or even Jury Duty can influence on how the judge and the jury view you. But, don’t fear I have some great tips for you!

When finding an outfit for either man or women think about how you want to make a good impression for the judge. Dress business casual, something you would wear to church, a nice function or work and clothes that fit. Men should wear a long-sleeve button down crisp shirt, a tie, sports jackets, dressy pants and khaki’s but no jeans.  Wear shoes that are simple, black or dark brown lace-ups. Try to hide your tattoos and remove jewelry before entering the courtroom.  Lastly Hygiene, take a shower! Clean shaven, throw on some cologne (if you don’t have any ask a friends), and try not to smoke before you go into court.

Women go buy something new for yourself! As I stated above wear something you would wear to church, a nice function or work clothes. A nice dress or women’s business suit, conservative pant suits, long skirts and long slacks. Leave your loud jewelry at home, a wedding ring, watch and small earrings are appropriate. Remove all piercings and try to hide your tattoos. Shoes should be closed toe and conservative.  Hygiene, nails should be neat and clean, hair should look groomed.

Hope all of this information gave you a little insight on what to wear to court. Please contact us if you have any questions we would love to assist you!

By: Elena Medina


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