CT Lemon Law

Have you recently purchased a new car? Have you noticed that your putting more money into the repairs of your car, then you had purchasing the car itself? Little did you know you are protected under Connecticut State “Lemon” Law protecting you against a faulty purchase.       To qualify under the protection of the CT…


What to wear to court?

This question is on everyone’s mind when they have to go to court. Whether you plan to appear before a judge, a hearing for a felony or even Jury Duty can influence on how the judge and the jury view you. But, don’t fear I have some great tips for you! When finding an outfit…


Avoid IRS Scams

This past summer there has been an influx of phone calls from individuals claiming to be the IRS. There are at least five red flags that you must pay attention to when, and if, you receive a phone call by these con artists. 1. The scammers will call and ask for immediate payment. You must…


Stop Clowning Around!

If you watch the news, read the newspaper or even use social media I’m sure you have read not one but plenty of articles of clowns being spotted, scaring children and some even threatening. Is this a prank? Are they copy-cat serial killers? or is this just advertisement for the fans of the new CLOWN…


Congress is Back, What Does This Mean for Immigration? / Congreso está de vuelta, ¿Qué significa esto para Inmigración?

Congress returned from their 6-week summer recess, so what does this for immigration reform? Honestly not much, congress has a lot on their task list which can put immigration reform on the back burner. Even without their attention immigration will still be affected by congressional actions or lack thereof. We await reauthorization on matters such…


Is your landlord mistreating you?

                For those who are tenants, did you know there are Connecticut laws protecting you and your health from mistreatment from your landlord. Laws in Connecticut require a landlord to maintain the safety of your home protecting you from landlord negligence. By negligence, I mean knowingly not fixing a mold, gas, or radon problem, failing…


Cyberbully and You

Almost everyone and their children is involved in some sort of social media. We can’t eat a donut or have a cup of coffee without documenting every second or taking a selfie. We constantly check our phones and accounts with anticipation to see how many likes you received.  After seeing the likes, you start perusing…


What is Medpay?

Did you know most states in the United States require every insured person to have Medpay? Medical Payment Coverage (Medpay) is an automobile insurance policy which generally cover passengers if the accident is not their fault.  A lot of car accident victims suffer from whiplash or soft tissue damage which can require you to treat…


Changing the use of your property

Are you considering changing the use of a property that you own? Perhaps you have a residential unit that you would like to transform into your office for your new business? Maybe you have a commercial property and a tenant of yours needs to expand the space they are renting? If you are in a…